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The only EU Project vocabulary you will ever need (II)

Last week I was in my cloud, trying to convey the same messages I give to my students when explaining the beauty (and the beast) of European projects. Half of the cloud is still to be decrypted:
Cross-cutting: the project proposal has to focus, but it can’t be self-centered. It has to demonstrate impact and / or influence in other areas.
Dissemination: Read “Communication” in a broad sense, from Social Media to awareness campaigns. Engaging communication.
Cross-fertilization: Apart from funds that ask directly for specifics, partners should be varied and represent public/private/third sector so as to enhance mutual learning and creation.
Feasibility: The Lead partner and the partners have to demonstrate technical and financial capacity to carry out the project. This joint initiative has to be integrated in the actions of the partners and respond to a clear necessity.
Multiplier effect: From the results of the project and its dissemination, other initiatives may be enticed. Look for opportunities!
Visibility: of the logos and funding of the EU…
Local experience: The project has to be rooted on the local potential or in good practice at your organization. No room for improvisation!
Are these translations useful? Is there any concept missing?

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