2020 Atlantic Futures Project: Award at national level and finalist at European level for the European Business Promotion Awards (EEPA).
2020 She4Sea Project: Atlantic Project Awards finalist (Blue Skills category).
2020 She4Sea project: Special mention from the jury for the “Adventurers of the Sea” prize.
2015-2016 Team Europe speaker (label granted by the European Commission).
2014 URBACT trainer for Local Action Groups in Spain.
2010 UN admitted for the P-1 exam.
2008 Shortlisted by the Commonwealth as a Business Analyst.
2007 Finalist: Committee of the Regions (ALDE) “Ideas for Europe” award.
2006 Civil Rights Prize in Galicia – second. Assigned to an essay on the influence of customer service outsourcing on human rights.
2005 Shortlisted by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a young EU expert.
2004 Selected as a Blue Book intern by the European Commission. Shorlisted again in 2007.
2002-2003 Grant for a research master: Fundacion Galicia Europa.
1999-2000 Grants (2) for an Erasmus stay – European and regional levels.
1996-2002 Grant for university studies from the Spanish Ministry of Education.