Tamara Espiñeira-Guirao 

Senior policy analyst, I have been working since 2002 on topics like EU funding, culture & education policies, maritime affairs and urban & regional policy. In this sense, I led several EU -funded initiatives between 2005-2021. I was also an adviser for EU’s Atlantic Maritime Strategy between 2009 and 2020 . I am also the main creator of #She4Sea project to provide visibility to women in Maritime Affairs. My projects have received several awards at regional and EU levels.

Recently graduated with a PhD on Geography (sp. Spatial Planning), I have worked for more than 18 years for local and regional authorities.  Consequently, for twelve years, I was the coordinator and even Secretary-General (Acting director) of an international secretariat of an EU city network, the Atlantic Cities.

As a researcher and public speaker, I have presented my findings on the international role of cities and regions, cities’ networking, territorial cooperation, EU project communication and the Atlantic Strategy, before EU and international bodies, such as the Civitas Forum, the NAT Committee of the European Economic and Social Committee, the Portuguese representation before the European Union, the Advisory Board of the Council of the Regions and Cities of the Danube or the stakeholder’s platform of COP21. My research is published on academic journals like Fundacion Luis Vives, Portus Plus or L’information géographique.

Political Scientist, I graduated in the University of Santiago de Compostela with a complete year at Sciences Po Rennes. I was then admitted to ULB’s Institute of European Studies for a master specialisation on International Relations of the EU, which I completed with a M.A.S. in Economy. I have also got complementary diplomas on International Trade and Development Cooperation.

City-Storyteller is my freelance project as scientific author, building in my career experience. Please check my Linkedin page for more info.

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