Tamara Espiñeira-Guirao 

Political scientis,t my expertise lies in international cooperation, both within the European Union and on a global scale, with a particular focus on regional development in areas such as Central America, Southern Africa, and the EU Atlantic Arc. I began my international career in development cooperation, working on assessing cooperation programs in the field, including in countries like Namibia and El Salvador.

From 2009 to 2021, I served as the Head of the Atlantic Cities network, where I was also appointed by EU institutions as an expert for EU programs such as INTERREG Atlantic Area and URBACT, as well as European Commission groups like the European Atlantic Maritime Strategy group and the Structured Dialogue on partnership in the Structural Funds.

In my role at the Atlantic Cities. I have designed, advised, and monitored over 100 EU initiatives, particularly in programs such as URBACT, UIA, INTERREG, ERASMUS, EYE, and Research programs like FP7 and Horizon. Notably, I played a key role in designing the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs project, a 4-million-euro INTERREG initiative aimed at fostering the entrepreneurial skills of disadvantaged youth. My initiatives, such as Atlantic Futures focusing on EU non-formal training and She4Sea aiming to promote women’s careers in the maritime sector, have also received recognition at the EU level. Through my EU and international missions, I have gained extensive experience working with various stakeholders, ranging from political decision-makers to civil society. My projects received several awards at regional and EU levels.

Currently, I am working as a lecturer at Sciences Po Rennes, where I teach courses on Latin American Studies and Enhancing the International Authority of Cities. Indeed, my PhD specialization lies in analyzing the international stance of cities, and I am the creator of the concept of “new urban diplomacy,” a strategy that enables cities to use active subsidiarity to fulfill their political mandate through international mechanisms. My latest publication is titled “Greenland’s Stance in the International Scene.”

In my research, I am currently examining the impact of illiberalism in the Americas while continuing my work on peoples’ rights (in Greenland, Turkey, Ecuador…), as well as the territorial development of the Atlantic Arc. I have presented my findings, before EU and international bodies, such as the Civitas Forum, the NAT Committee of the European Economic and Social Committee, the Portuguese representation before the European Union, the Advisory Board of the Council of the Regions and Cities of the Danube or the stakeholder’s platform of COP21. My research is also published in academic journals.

I hold a Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Rennes 2, written under the guidance of Guy Baudelle, (Jean Monnet Chair). I also have a master’s degree in European Studies from the Institute d’études européennes of Université Libre de Bruxelles. I have been qualified as an “Assistant Professor” by the French Council of Universities (CNU). I am a native Spanish and Galician-Portugues e speaker, fluent in English, Italian, and French, and possess some knowledge of German.

City-Storyteller is my freelance project. Building in my career experience and academic research I can help your organisation to optimise its international strategy and perfectly align it with its core planning. I can also help Mayors, city managers and CEOs to develop their own international endeavours and branding.  Students and young graduates wishing to bring forward their international career can also request a mentorship.

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