Press articles
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Galician Institute for talent (IGATA) « The important thing is not the obstacles but what you decide to do with them.” In Spanish
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Guest blogging
• 2023 – Late shows and politics: the case of Saturday Night Live and Gerald Ford (In French) The Conversation – with Lucille Hagège
• 2022 – Día Mundial das cidades: Un 11, un 9 e un rañaceos (World Cities Day: an 11, a 9 and a skyscraper) IGADI In Galician
2022 – How to start your EU career (and it’s not by the “Blue” Book) Women in Foreign Policy – The Zig Zag
• 2021- Beyond city diplomacy: Urban diplomacy as a translation of active subsidiarity. Regional Studies Association.

Beyond city diplomacy: Urban diplomacy as a translation of active subsidiarity

2018 – The Atlantic Arc: a raw macro-region? Regional Studies Association

The Atlantic Arc: a raw-macro region?

2016 – The peddler of the worlds In Spanish. Eixo Atlantico
2012 – Bahrain, development in revolution In Spanish. United Explanations
2012 – Expression, reunion and awareness in Bahrain In Spanish. United Explanations
2012 – How to work in International Relations In Spanish. United Explanations
2012 – New ways for South-South Cooperation: Haiti joins the African Union. United Explanations
2012 – What if? Scotland and the European Union. United Explanations
2012 – The Lego pieces of the Scottish Referendum. United Explanations
2012 – From Tobin to Robin: ins and outs of the financial transaction tax. United Explanations