An insiders’ guide to irrational behavior

Even if the title may incline the reader to think that I am going to confess my mind weaknesses, the moment hasn’t come yet. As Katharine Hepburn used to say, I must become famous first. Sort of.

Nonetheless, irrational behavior is a reality that can be studied, tackled and even enjoyed… and Prof. Dan Ariely is a well-known expert in all three. More than that, his videos in TED have been watched almost 5 million times and his books, even if I have none, are sold by the dozen.


These are only figures and the text is developing as a promotional post, which is not.

Rewind. Start again. 

Even being a Coursera fan, last year I took the course “A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior” with mixed feelings. First, I am somewhat skeptic about the aims of behavioral economics; about the possible derives of too much knowledge on human decision-making. Second, the seminar’s burden was quite heavy when working around Europe at the same time (lectures, readings, assignments, tests…) so I wasn’t sure neither if I could make it nor that I’d like it.

Both were the best reasons to take the decision and both are on the same page as the discoveries that this seminar provides; about yourself and about the society we live in .

Hopefully, we are more irrational than we believe.

I therefore kindly invite you to do the same and take this course, if you dare. If you complete it, I’ll tell you my grade. However, should you join, please leave me a comment. For Ulises sake!

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