International seminars
1. 2023 – March Communication “The Atlantic Arc – Back to the EU table” for the Political Seminar of the Atlantic Arc Commission of the Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions. Brussels.
2. 2021-June Communication “From city to urban diplomacy: urban planning and active subsidiarity in the EU scene” in International conference New challenges of local governance. Annual Conference IGU Commission Geography of Governance. – This will be the subject of an extended article in 2022.
3. 2021 – May Communication “Beyond Cohesion Policy: urban diplomacy as a translation of active subsidiarity” Webminar The urban dimensions of EU cohesion policy Reseau CPnet Regional Studies Association.
4. 2020-November Presentation on how to submit better applications to EU innovation programs. Final workshop of the ECORIS3 project. Online (Zoom)
5. 2020- October Presentation of the urban vision (replacing President Costa) in the seminar A new approach to the Atlantic maritime strategy organized by the European Commission during the European Week of Cities and Regions. Online (Zoom)
6. 2020 – October Presentation on the development challenges of Atlantic cities for the Atlantic Regional Initiative of the European Space Agency. Online (Skype Pro).
7. 2020- January Presentation in the Integrated Urban Innovation Projects workshop of the European project (INTERREG Europe) EURE. Empoli. Italy.
8. 2019- October Presentation in the Talent Retention workshop of the European project (INTERREG Europe) ECORIS3. Kajani. Finland.
9. 2019 – January: Presentation in the workshop The Atlantic seen from space proposed by the European Space Agency (ESA). Southampton, UK.
10. 2018 – November: Presentation in the round table The role of women in fisheries and aquaculture, moderated by the FAO. 1st International Women in Fisheries Conference. Santiago de Compostela.
11. 2018 – April: From INTERREG to macro-regions, how symbolic geographies evolve into functional areas for EU cohesion policy. A view from the Atlantic Area and the Adriatic-Ionian Sea – paper presented at the workshop Atlantic to Adriatic: Contact points and historical parallels between Ireland and Southeast Europe. Rijeka, Croatia.
12. 2017 – December: Communication to the European Economic and Social Council on the Atlantic Maritime Strategy. Brussels, Belgium.
13. 2015 – December: Presentation in the round table Fisheries and maritime territories, what global contribution to climate and food challenges. Side Event Blue Fish. COP21. Paris, France.
14. 2014 – December: Presentation of the communications of European projects in the annual event of the INTERREG Atlantic Area program. Seville, Spain.
15. 2013 – October: “Pecha Kucha” presentation on European urban mobility projects in Atlantic cities at the CIVITAS European conference on urban mobility. Brest. France.
16. 2013 – July: Presentation in the round table on the Atlantic Strategy to the NAT committee of the Committee of the Regions. Brussels, Belgium.
17. 2012- April: A platform for European urban networks: CECICN. Committee and Executive Office of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions. Bratislava, Slovakia.
18. 2012-April: The role of local authorities: A necessary step to achieve efficient results. SEAS-ERA/CPMR Atlantic Governance Consultative Workshop. Lisbon, Portugal
19. 2009- May: The European transport corridor in the Atlantic Arc. With the Government of Euskadi. General Assembly of the Atlantic Arc Commission (CPMR) Santander, Spain.

National seminars with an international topic
1. 2022 – December: Communication during the Atlantic CESER study day on the relevance of an Atlantic macro-region: “If you can’t convince them, confuse them” * or the shaky hope of an Atlantic macro-region”. reindeer.
2. 2022 – July: Communication during the thematic section “The professionalization of local climate public action” as part of the 2022 congress of the French Association of Political Science in Lille: Urban diplomacy as a vector of climate professionalization of local authorities: the case of C40 City Advisers
3. 2022-June: Communication during the specific thematic session “The internationalization of territories and local democracy” as part of the 58th ASRDLF colloquium in Rennes: From city diplomacy to urban diplomacy: Urban planning and active subsidiarity on the European scene.
4. 2019- October: Presentation at the ITECHMER conference. Workshop What future for women in the fisheries sector. Lorient.
5. 2019 – May Presentation at the General Assembly of the RTA: Corridor Atlantique de Transport. CESER Brittany Rennes.
6. 2018- October: Presentation and moderation at the SEA TECH conference – She4Sea workshop. Brest.
7. 2018- August: Presentation at the opening conference of the Atlantic Watersports Games. Saint Nazaire.
8. 2015 – October: Intervention and animation of workshops during the meeting Croissance Bleue Atlantique Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime, Le Havre.
9. 2015 – March: Intervention during the Seminar on INTERREG Programs organized by the Brittany Region and Rennes Métropole. reindeer.
10. 2012- August: Intervention at the round table Offshore fishing, a structural element of the Lorient economy. Club K. Interceltic Festival. Lorient.
11. 2011- October: Presentation in the round table What prospects for relations with Wales in the context of a rebirth of Atlantic solidarity. Brittany – Wales Seminar. In the heart of the Atlantic Arc. Cultural Institute of Brittany. Saint Nazaire
12. 2010- August: Presentation of the Atlantic Cities Vision. Interceltic Port Meeting. Lorient
1. 2022 – November Analysis on the relevance of a new “Interactive Global City Map” for A Coruña from the point of view of the new urban diplomacy.
2. 2020- November: Presentation on the dynamics of urban diplomacy at the La Coruña seminar in the global world (online, Zoom).
3. 2018- November: Presentation The future of the Atlantic Arc at the Euskal Hiria forum (“Congress of Urban Planners”). Bilbao.
4. 2017- November: Presentation in the round table The sea as an accelerator of economic development of the European Atlantic Cities Forum. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
5. 2014 – October: Presentation in the round table From Climatlantic to Climatlantic + of the homonymous forum. Ourense.
6. 2011- September Sustainable urban development in the Atlantic Arc. Challenges and opportunities for Atlantic cities. 1st Atlantic Forum for Sustainable Development. Vigo.
7. 2011 – April: Atlantic port cities. Seminar on urban waterfronts. Menendez Pelayo International University. Santander.
8. 2009- October: Transport in the Atlantic Arc. Seminar on European Cooperation of the Diputación de A Coruña. La Coruña.
9. 2007- March: An enlarged Europe. Present, past and future. Seminar on the economic implications of enlargement: Romania and Bulgaria. Chamber of Commerce of Lugo, Lugo.
2014 – March Presentation in the round table A Europe open to the world of the Debatter l’Europe symposium. University of Coimbra. Coimbra.
United Kingdom
2016 – March Intervention and animation of workshops during the Atlantic Ties meeting on the opportunities of European projects. Liverpool.
2015 – January Intervention and animation of workshops during the Atlantic Creative Cities meeting of the Plymouth College of Art. Plymouth.