Kickstart your International Project

When working at an international level, “I have a project” is a recurring statement. However, many times the speaker has only “an idea for a project” or “a goal to be achieved by a project”. Therefore, setting the stage of what a project is comes as a natural step.

In simple terms, an international project is “an initiative carried out with certain resources implemented to achieve several goals that contribute to improve the situation of a target population and where two or more countries are involved“.

So, before launching any action, the project has to be clearly defined. What is the main objective, which are the risks, what are the resources available, those to get, the target population, the actions to be implemented, a calendar, a distribution of roles … All this is usually done in a logical framework approach, although you can opt for simpler methods (a business model canvas, for instance).

This identification is the first step, both to seek funding and to get hands on. Once done, if resources are insufficient, there is no magic recipe for finding funds, you must navigate (and sink) in the various calls for subsidies, communicate in social networks, interview possible sponsors, and be steady and patient.

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