Currently :

  • Associate researcher IGADI – Galician Institute of Analysis and International Documentation
  • Associate researcher UMR CNRS 6590 Espaces et Sociétés Lab (ESO – Spaces and Societies).
  • Qualified as Assistant Professor – Spatial Planning and Urban Planning.
  • Lecturer in United States Foreign Policy and International Relations (Bachelor of Economic and Social Administration) at the Institut Catholique de Rennes.
  • Member of the Pascal network (Learning Cities) and of the Regional Studies Association.

Past experiences :

  • 2019 Expertise for the European MATES project: Maritime Alliance for fostering the European Blue Economy through a Marine Technology Skilling Strategy.
  • 2019 – July Expertise for a Brittany Region project on Atlantic cooperation.
  • 2018-2020 Expert with the European Atlantic Maritime Strategy group.
  • 2017- May Expertise for the external evaluation of the European Atlantic Maritime Strategy.
  • 2015 – March: External expertise for the INTEREURO project on the European lobby.
  • 2014- 2020: Expert for the Structured Dialogue on the partnership in the structural funds of the European Commission.
  • 2014 – June – September: Expert panel Delphi Analysis Strategic Plan of Gijón.
  • 2012 – September-October Evaluation of the final report of the project The attractiveness of Regions and Cities for Residents and Visitors – ATTREG (ESPON).
  • 2012– February Evaluation of the final report of the CLIMAATANTIC project (INTERREG Espace Atlantique) on local policies towards climate change.
  • 2010-2016 Volunteer expert with advice to third sector entities on communication and international projects
  • 2009-2021 Expert with the Monitoring Committee of the INTERREG Atlantic Area program.
  • 2005 – February-June: Identification of funds and projects for cooperation with Senegal – NGO Equus Zebra. La Coruna, Spain.
  • 2004 – March-September: Volunteer advice and assistance to the delegation of the Spanish Cooperation and Development Agency in Windhoek (Namibia).