Researcher, lecturer and academic writer. Urban diplomacy creator and mastermind (PhD topic)

Associated Researcher IGADI – Galician Institute of International Analysis and Documentation and UMR CNRS 6590 Spaces and Societies (ESO).
Doctorate in Geography and Spatial Planning since 01/13/21. Thesis: European urban diplomacy: a tool-based approach.
Lecturer (BA level) in United States Foreign Policy and International Relations at the Institut Catholique de Rennes.
Member of the Pascal network (Learning Cities) and of the Regional Studies Association.
Qualified by the French University Council as Assistant Professor in Spatial Planning and Urbanism.
Project leader, network coordinator and staff manager (up to 50 people)
Communication skills, worked at political cabinet as communications’ manager. Advocacy and lobby.
For twelve years, acting director of an international secretariat of an EU city network.
Senior expert on EU policies, projects and programmes (in particular those addressed to cities and NGO’s)
Former Expert in EU consultation groups (Structural Funds, Urban Policy, Maritime Policy, INTERREG, URBACT)
Specialised in urban and regional policy, transport, international relations and development cooperation. Keen to work in macro-regions and other integrated strategies.
Main creator of #She4Sea project to provide visibility to women in Maritime Affairs.
Several awards at regional and EU levels.