Three tools to enhance your productivity

Procrastination and social media are the toughest enemies of personal development, and, thus, of personal branding. Today I’d like to share three lifehacks that have helped me to jack up my concentration and productivity:

The idea box

Building on the basis of a suggestion box, this one is more visual and self-addressed. Whenever I’ve got an idea for a project, an article or an strategy, I write it down in a post it. Then I place the colourful note in a white poster, just in front of me.

If my mind tries to deviate from work looking for distractions, my eyes fall directly upon an interesting idea to be worked out.

The Eisenhower Matrix:

Designed by Dwight Eisenhower himself, this matrix helps to prioritize tasks and responsibilities upon its urgency and importance, both at the same time.

I’d add a column with the recurring tasks, just as a reminder of them, in parallel to the two left quadrants.

The Pomodoro technique

Found in Writing Magazine, this technique consists in using a kitchen timer to concentrate in a difficult task for a limited amount of time, to reduce dispersion. The timer allows for concentration during performance and for a break when the count is over. So the final result is to improve mental agility.

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