5 everyday excuses not to write


Lately, I’ve been working on Creativity . I’m still no expert … can anybody be an expert on something whose nature is changing ? Nevertheless, I’d like to share with you some discoveries. For instance, common excuses for not writing (i.e. painting, drawing, crafting, embroidering, cooking , testing, photographing, training and all sorts of major and minor arts, as there may be.)

Here we go :

I’m not inspired: This is the most hypocritical. The Muses always have the phone turned off when the flames come. In fact, inspiration come while doing something else, getting to work in your field, either trying another. To me, who knows why, the trick is washing-up.

No time left: In all books, interviews and articles this excuse is dismissed with “that is a lack of vocation” . So sit with yourself and book you some time for you and your artistic endeavors. Prioritize.

I’m tired / sick: Just as certain as above and depending a lot on this one ( except for serious illnesses , of course ! ) . Focus on only one activity ( work, college ) is not good for mental health. Denying your own vocation , neither. Organizing time better gets one less tired and feeling better.

I do not want to: Actually you’re dying for. But you’re letting fear kidnap your tongue.

I am scared: Who said panic was bad ? Creation is scary, from the fear of misspelling words to the dread of burning a cake. Fear to get blocked, fear of embarrassment , fear of being judged , fear of not being able , fear of failure . In reality, there is no worse failure than not trying. And you have to burn several cakes before making a good one .

As you face the blank page, the canvas , the flour and the salt … recognize these excuses . Look straight at them. And start anywhere, without a fixed target . Painting a house , writing a loose phrase , beating an egg …

Take the Lead .

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