Nightfall in Rennes

Compagnie Jojo : Rennes 06/07/2013 par f535060456

The Festival of the Tombées de la Nuit (Nightfall) was created in 1980 at the initiative of the city of Rennes. It aims to meet in early July to festivities’ expectations of Rennes citizens not going on holiday and summer visitors to the capital of Brittany, and in this way to enhance the place of Parliament of Brittany, which serves as framework.

Well before more modern French festivals that claim paternity and since its first edition, the Tombées de la Nuit festival has gathered street arts and arts of orality, alongside more classical arts. Therefore, it can be legitimately argued that the Rennes festival was the first festival of street arts and orality in France. Even the first also to have sent, in 1981, commands to professional companies to create outsized fictions to be framed outdoors; working with public directly but also circular or vertically as well as passing –by, traveling in taxis, on buses and péniches or based on rumor, individual or collective memory, the imagination of everyone.

So this time I was at Place des Lices, having a beer with my friends when suddenly the square was filled with music and two dancers started a beautiful choreography with fire. They were the Jojo Company and you can see their performance in the video enclosed.

Hope you’ll like as much as I did.

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