Going abroad: The sooner, the better

Through the Erasmus + program, and others like EU Volunteers or UN simulations, you will have the opportunity to gain international experience, do intense training and start establishing your own network. And yet, in many cases, there is no age limit.

The Erasmus + has several types of measures, not limited to study or do an internship a year abroad . You can participate in exchanges and learning mobility actions, which offer youth groups from different countries the opportunity to meet and learn about each other’s cultures, ideas and skills. Maybe you are considering spending some time in a European Voluntary Service?

You can also get involved in Strategic Partnerships for Youth, projects where young people participate actively and directly in actions at international level designed by them. Wanna take the floor? Then you should go for Structured Dialogue: Meetings between Young People and Decision-Makers in the Field of Youth. These opportunities are managed by each National Agency, to whom applications must be addressed.

Last year, the European Commission has launched a programme to send volunteers abroad: the EU Volunteers. Moreover, you can also think of an International Civil Service with NGO’s like Service Civil International (or similar in your country, you can search at idealist.com) or even with the United Nations.

SALTO offers courses and seminars sponsored in vocational training and on a variety of topics. If you are interested, you must contact both the National Agency and the organizer. It is a good opportunity to attend a specific training (in English!), to travel and to meet people.

Several universities around the world organize simulations of UN or EU institutions work. Often these activities are not subsidized, but the training acquired is appealing. They can be found through searching for keywords “Model United Nations /European Parliament”…

If you want to keep updated with these opportunities, two websites are the “must have” references:



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