5 tips on language learning

Some weeks ago I was writing on how to create our own personal branding, mentioning the importance of improving language skills.

But how? When budget is limited, it seems impossible to spend several months abroad only for the sake of learning languages and the crisis makes difficult to get a temporary job without speaking the language.

So, even if going afield is fundamental, some work can be done beforehand. Please note that I am not talking for absolute beginners, but for those that want to take a further step from pre-intermediate and intermediate level to more advanced levels.

For instance:

Finding a penpal in the language you want to learn. Services like International Penpals, Conversation Exchange or Polyglot Club can be checked

Reading in the language. At first you’ll feel that you can’t do it without a dictionary, but going ahead even without a complete understanding can do wonders!

Listening to the radio, half an hour a day. Of course you’ll understand nothing at first. That’s the trick, getting used to the flow and the rhythm of the natural language. Check out for an online channel!.

See TV programs or films (subtitled if necessary) and REPEAT words as they are said. It will improve your accent, your comprehension and your knowledge of the country’s culture, all at the same time!

– Write a sentence a day. Simple at first, but get your mind some exercice!

In less than a year of practice, you’ll feel ready to take the next step and go abroad.

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