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Checklist for a project website

Many calls for funding include already a website as a criterion. If not, the most part of communication plans are based in a website as the central point. Even if for small and short projects, other social media may be privileged, a website can give an enormous boost when trying to mobilize opinion and resources for an international project.

So, before starting the design of the site, some questions have to be answered:

– Why do we want a website?
– Who is our target audience?
– Which language/s will we use?
– News: who is going to write?, how often?, topics? …
– “Fixed” Content: What information about the organization we want to provide
– Multimedia: Do we have / want to have videos? Where do our photos come from?

Once the checklist is fulfilled, and that we have decided how we are going to technically do it, it is time to reflect on a content strategy. The website cannot be static. As a window to the world a news section is essential, so as to show that there is activity behind the portal.

How to create news? They can be internal: X workshop results, and preparation of the workshop, we have come to Z Women? Etc … or external: the international day of your topic, changes in your sector, … Try to update it frequently (once a week at least ), because without a thread of news, social media presence becomes meaningless (they are very quick tools).

If you may complement it with a more personal view, then a blog is a must.

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